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#2137 Stay-In-Place Cap
#0658 Removable Cap

Plastic Caps

Plastic Cap is recommended for all applications, especially in high traffic areas.

#2137 Stay-In-Place Cap

Aesthecially appealing, this one-step, UV resistant, plastic cap provides for expansion and contraction while forming a water resistant seal. Available in gray. 250 ft/roll, 20#/roll.

#0658 Removable Cap

A black removable cap that seals onto the top of the KEY-LOC Joint prior to pouring. Plastic Cap may be removed after concrete is set to create a 12/32" wide void for sealant. Cap may be reused as many as 15 times. 400 ft/roll, 23#/roll.

Contractor Tip
If a Plastic Cap is not used during installation, the top of the Key-Loc should be recessed by 3/16th below the finished floor elevation in order to prevent the top edge of the joint from being exposed to traffic once the concrete has cured. (If the top edge of the Key-Loc is exposed, the joint has the potential to spall due to traffic.)

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